About Us

BCO-DMO, located at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, is a combination of the formerly independent Data Management Offices formed in support of the US JGOFS and US GLOBEC programs.

The BCO-DMO staff members are the curators of the data collections created by those respective programs, as well as data from more recent NSF Geosciences Directorate (GEO) Division of Ocean Sciences (OCE) Biological and Chemical Oceanography Sections, Division of Polar Programs (PLR) Antarctic Sciences (ANT) Organisms & Ecosystems, and Arctic Sciences (ARC) awards.  The BCO-DMO project is funded by NSF OCE and ANT programs, NSF award number OCE-1924618.

A more complete description of BCO-DMO is available as a downloadable PDF file (1.2 MB) as well as online documentation describing the BCO-DMO data management model

You can email us at info@bco-dmo.org. If you encounter any issues sending email please refer to our Contact Us page and reach out to one of our Data Managers.